Game Of Thrones: Old Blood
Welcome to Game Of Thrones: Old Blood. This is a role-playing group where the rules will be strict, the mods will be anal so that the battles will be bloody, the backstabbing will be prevalent, and story will be rich. Join us as houses rebuild 300 years after the events of the season five and the tides turn into and epic wave of true Game Of Thrones madness.

Now, the administration will activate your account, providing you have read the "General" section (the only visible section prior to account activation) and done your registration correctly. Once activated, you must read through section, "The Index", COMPLETELY and THOROUGHLY, BEFORE creating a character or inquiring about a house.

Game Of Thrones: Old Blood

“We are born of the blood, made Gods by the blood, undone by the blood.”
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 [GoT] Rules and Regulations

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PostSubject: [GoT] Rules and Regulations   Wed Jun 06, 2018 8:49 pm

In addition to the General Rules, The Role-player's Creed and The Ten Commandments Of Role-play, these will be rules specific to this group detailing the creation of houses, the joining of houses, the creation of powerful characters and obtaining relics; to name a few.

So let’s get started.

1. The mods reserve the right to kill off or remove any character whose player disappears for an extended period of time without notice if that character is hindering the story line progression.

2. Posting Time. The forum is usually pretty lax as far as giving people a number of days to post a decent reply, but it can get a little out of control waiting on people. You have 4 days to post your reply in a thread. Once your four days is up, the person after you will post and you will have to wait until your turn comes around again, before you can reply -- which means, you'll have to have your character catch up with all your interactions.

If you are in the middle of an interaction with someone such as conversation or combat or conflict, the person interacting with you or the people posting after reserve the right to discuss with the mods the best way to move around you. If that involves your character getting hurt or even killed, then so be it. No one will listen to your complaining after the fact.

If you need an extension on this time limit, post a request in the MISC thread and a mod/admin will get back to you.

If you fail to post during your turn three or more times, your character(s) will be killed off. Habitual offenders will have all their characters killed and be removed.

3. NO flash FORWARD roleplay. You can flash BACK as much as you want, but flashing forward will only cause problems.

4.Only three main characters at a time, that means three characters with full bios that are actively played. Your characters need to vary. You can not have all three characters be high ranking and important.

We encourage people to go into other sections of the role-play if your character isn’t as active, take up NPCs and continue the role-play there.

5. No crazy racial / house mixes. You better have an awesome story forwarding idea if you want to be some crazy mix of great houses that didn’t happen IC.

Houses are first come first serve. The first person to make a character of a house is in charge of that house, no matter of their IC stature. Therefore, there will be no steamrolling. You can not create a character that rules the house without the permission of the "owner" of that house. "Owners" of houses should understand that once you give IC control of a house to a character, you can not bitch and complain.

Unless completely dead, known houses should be filled before customs houses will be allowed. Present your full house storyline to be seriously considered to make a new house.

6. Earning characters, if you want a character that is powerful, a character like Melisandre, or one of the powerful protagonists who have yet to show up, you have to earn it. You must begin with one character (not the one almighty one) and show the group moderators that you can post adequately, be active and help to move the story.

Additionally, any rare artifact must be earned IC. You CAN NOT just show up with a rare Valyrian sword or a buried treasure.

7. Witchcraft is subtle. In the beginning of the role-play witch craft and magic is something kept in the shadows. It is not a good idea to go around flaunting your magical powers and you should always consult with a Lore Master before attempting to use magic in this realm.

8. Trust is everything. In this role-play rumors will spread, lies and backstabbing will happen IC, but that can not happen unless there is ultimate trust OOC. There will be no intercepting of "whispers", ravens or anything of that nature without either express permission from all parties involved, or the interception happened IC.

Additionally, when people use the "Send a Raven" Thread, unless you have permission from the two people who sent it, a mod or some special way to intercept it IC, you can’t know that contents of that letter. You can’t just say you overheard something, or came across a Raven; this group won’t work like that. Anyone caught taking advantage of this will be kicked out; ain’t no one got time for that.

9. Spies. Yes, this is Game of Thrones, and yes almost every person striving to climb that ladder of awesome to that great big ol’ uncomfortable fucking chair, will have spies.

But this ain’t your average bear, boo boo. We don’t play that game of – “Oh, you say shit happened in the south that may or may not affect my character? Well I know that now because I’ve had a spy there all along! Huzzah!”

No, you lose. Because you didn’t. If you want spies either mention them ICly as your NPC’s or find someone to play your spy. NPC spies function under the same rules as any other player. Not just because they are NPC’s does their news travel faster than that of a player.

When you begin your journey in this group, with your character you must begin to weave those connections of spies and whispers. You cannot have anything in this group without first laying the framework for and spying, or having spies at your beck and call is no different.

10. Poison. The same holds true for poison as it does for spies/spying. You can't hand someone a drink and after they drink it imply it was poisoned. You can imply before hand and if someone doesn't take the hit well that's for the mods to come down on.

Be aware that both players are under scrutiny at that point and the collective decision of the mods is final. Bitching will only get you removed.

11. This group is it's own group, and its goal is to provide our members with an enjoyable RP experience.

We will not tolerate badmouthing other groups in here. We don't want to hear about the problems or issues or drama of other groups, that is for THEIR mods and members to discuss in THEIR OWN group's setting—not here.

You'll start where you fit in and where the mods feel appropriate to your skill, if you don't like it, don't stay. Pompous, arrogant, entitled attitudes outside of your character will only get you booted.

Make friends and role play. Keep the drama at the door.

12. On the subject of starting where you fit in. There is a section called "The Testing Ground" now. When you have read all the required reading and start brainstorming on the character you want, you will be asked to post with a test character in response to the test post that matches your character idea. Your post will be judged by the mods and you'll be given the option to either have your character as you want it or have to start lower or higher depending on your skill. If you can not compromise based on the conciseness of the mods, you'll be removed. We do not have time for petty fights over how good you think you are.

13.Lastly, and probably most importantly, come correct. There are a lot of open opportunities in this group, a lot of potential for great ideas to come to fruition, but that doesn't mean you can just hatch an idea and run with it. Our moderators are discrete and attempt to be as helpful as possible. So if you have an idea, especially if you're just starting and require a grand backstory that can't take place IC, see a mod. Understand that you will receive no definite yes or no from one single mod during the first pitch of your grand idea. The idea will be discussed amongst all mods, then you will be instructed to post your bio/tree for review of said grand idea in your own words. Just like with normal character biographies, it will be reviewed by all mods, then you will be given a go ahead.
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[GoT] Rules and Regulations
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